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MT Farms

Matthew Todd Zittrouer, (Owner), Grady Zittrouer (Farm Manager)

532 Mock Road
Springfield, Georgia 31329

Cell Phone: 912-713-3470

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We strive to breed hearty, healthy, and happy cattle to reach the standards and EPDs of the American Black Hereford Association.
MT Farms, owned by Todd Zittrouer, is located in Springfield, Georgia and is part of the Zittrouer Family Farm.  George Robert Zittrouer, Todd’s grandfather, started  the farm in 1954 with  a small commercial herd of cattle.  As a young boy, Todd loved working on the farm beside his Papaw and he dreamed of someday having his own herd of cattle.  In 2018 his dream started to come true when he purchased four Black Hereford heifers and a bull from Sims Black Hereford. Todd believes in maintaining hearty, healthy and happy cattle while striving to reach the standards and EPDs of the American Black Hereford Association.  He loves their docile temperament and today MT Farm has  grown to a herd of 20 breeding cows. 
Todd’s father, Mack Zittrouer, has been instrumental in making MT Farms a success.   He maintains records for the farm and helps with transporting cattle.  Todd’s uncle, Grady Zittrouer, lives at the family homestead and manages the herd. 
We take pride in our cattle and our word is our bond.  We have been fortunate with our herd and have been able to sell some registered cattle to customers who are using Black Hereford to start their own farms. We have also sold registered cattle to commercial farmers who are trying to improve their herd genetics.   We are excited about the potential of the Black Hereford Breed and proud to be an American Black Hereford breeder. 

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