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Ransom Cross Farm, LLC

Marty and Christy Parsons
7066 White Plains Road
Roaring River NC 28669

Home Phone: 336-957-3395
Cell Phones: 336-902-5073 / 336-902-3730

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RCF is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains 50 miles west of Winston-Salem NC.  We strive to produce quality Polled Black Hereford cattle for both the commercial and seedstock producer.  We have bulls and females, both registered and commercial available private treaty.

We understand that margins can be extremely thin in the beef business.  It’s been our experience that the replacement female, whether you are buying them, or retaining your own can be a very expensive item.  Many times, they determine whether you have a profitable year or not.  That being said, we feel that fertility, longevity, and other maternal traits are the most important traits for us to select for.  Producing moderate framed, easy fleshing cattle that perform well in a commercial cow herd environment, with moderate milk production, is the goal for our herd.

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